Compendium of Unicorns: A Global Guide to Women Arbitrators

Compendium of Unicorns: A Global Guide to Women Arbitrators is the brainchild of Mute Off Thursdays, the female virtual-discussion group for mid to senior-level women in arbitration, prepared in partnership with GAR and Burford Capital.

“Unicorns” in the title reflects a comment, once upon a time, by a particular man that he would appoint qualified female arbitrators, if only he could find some. To assist him and the rest of us, the guide profiles 176 women arbitrators and provides information about their experience of the type that’s generally useful when choosing an arbitrator. By presenting everything in one place, the book makes it easier for users to identify suitable female candidates for appointments.

The content is in three sections. Section one lists the 176 female arbitrators included; section two categorises them into various helpful indices – including by level of experience, areas of specialist knowledge, experience under particular substantive laws, languages spoken etc; section three provides Q&As where the arbitrators go into more depth about their expertise and approach. The book also includes contact details for each featured arbitrator.

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