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Our Courses

International Arbitration Oral Advocacy and Advocacy Skills

Successful advocacy is always a challenge, but even more so when you throw in differing cultural backgrounds, a matrix of laws and several different languages. Aimed to help users demystify advocacy in international arbitration this online course is designed by distinguished practitioners from across the globe, including some of the world's biggest names. It will cover jargon, etiquette, and many other aspects of international arbitration, to leave you feeling more confident undertaking work in this domain.

Fundamentals of International Arbitration

Inspired by a workshop taught at Harvard Law School, this course walks students through the lifecycle of international arbitration chronologically – from why to use it in the first place to how to draft clauses to selection of arbitrators, case strategy etc all the way to enforcement and monetisation of the final award. As such it is a companion to our Oral Advocacy Skills course, dealing with many topics not covered there and explaining in more detail aspects of international arbitration’s legal infrastructure.

Damages in International Arbitration

Designed to help all participants in the international arbitration community understand damages issues more clearly. Through its interactive content and learning resources it will, step by step, help make the subject of damages in international arbitration more understandable and less intimidating. It will also teach participants how to then present and communicate these issues more effectively to tribunals.

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