Topic: Anti-suit injunction

Cayman court upholds enforcement in fight over Karachi power utility

A Cayman court has upheld the enforcement of an LCIA award requiring disclosure of records relating to a former Abraaj Group investment fund that holds a US$1.6 billion stake in a Karachi power utility.

09 February 2024

UK appeal court grants final anti-suit relief against Gazprom venture

DECISION NOW PUBLISHED: The Court of Appeal of England and Wales has issued a final anti-suit injunction to enforce a Paris-seated ICC arbitration agreement – restraining a Gazprom subsidiary from pursuing a €448 million lawsuit against a German bank in the Russian courts.

30 January 2024

Singapore court restrains Korean litigation over airline catering

The Singapore International Commercial Court has said it will grant an anti-suit injunction to prevent a Korean airline from pursuing litigation in its home courts against a Swiss catering group and its directors.

12 December 2023

Russian court stays Gazprom venture’s lawsuits pending UK anti-suit appeal

A Russian court has stayed two lawsuits worth over €680 million that a Gazprom subsidiary is pursuing against Deutsche Bank and Unicredit until a UK appeal court has ruled on an anti-suit injunction request to enforce Paris-seated ICC arbitration.

12 December 2023

UK court grants anti-suit relief in Mexican online gaming feud

A UK court has granted a London-listed gaming software group’s request to restrain Mexican litigation brought by its local business partner in favour of an ICC arbitration.

11 December 2023

Sanctioned billionaire’s companies hit with anti-suit injunction

The Commercial Court in London has restrained companies owned by a sanctioned Russian billionaire from bringing litigation in Russia against a Cypriot investment services company in defiance of an LCIA arbitration clause.

13 November 2023

Russian court restrains HKIAC claim against state-owned bank

A St Petersburg court has restrained a subsidiary of Russia’s VTB Bank from bringing an HKIAC arbitration against the state-controlled lender – which is pursuing litigation to recover €112 million in alleged debts.

08 November 2023

Gazprom venture revealed as target of UK anti-suit injunctions

A subsidiary of Russia’s Gazprom has been revealed as the target of a set of recent English anti-suit injunction requests by German banks seeking to enforce Paris-seated ICC arbitration clauses.

11 October 2023

Hong Kong court maintains anti-suit injunction against Gazprom venture

A Hong Kong court has upheld an injunction restraining a Gazprom joint venture from pursuing Russian litigation while an HKIAC arbitration is pending, rejecting allegations the sanctioned entity cannot be guaranteed a fair trial at the arbitral institution.

09 October 2023

UK court refuses to restrain Russian litigation

UPDATED: The Commercial Court of England and Wales has said it lacks jurisdiction to grant an anti-suit injunction to enforce a Paris-seated ICC arbitration clause, despite a recent Court of Appeal decision granting a similar injunction.

02 October 2023

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