Billiet & Co

Billiet & Co is one of Brussels’ leading independent business law firms. Since its creation in 1989 it has developed a strong reputation in areas such as litigation and company law, as well as in niche areas such as alternative dispute resolution and distribution law. The firm has gradually expanded, enabling clients to benefit from a full range of civil and commercial legal services, including from within the realm of European and international law. Billiet & Co is known for its high-quality legal services and its particular client focus. The economic, commercial and private interests of the client remain central and every intervention is tailored to ensure the protection of the clients’ interests. The team is composed of experienced lawyers, professional negotiators, mediators, former public prosecutors, academics, arbitrators, deputy judges, court-registered bankruptcy liquidators, administrators of debts, and accounting and financial experts. In light of this, the firm offers a multinational team representing a broad spectrum of legal backgrounds.Billiet & Co works in Dutch, French, Spanish, English, German, Russian, Romanian and Ukrainian. The firm is a long-standing partner of the Association for International Arbitration and a member of various networks such as the International Practice Group (IPG). The firm also collaborates with a New York law firm Becker Law.

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