Topic: Fraud

Dutch court rejects Russia’s fraud challenge to Yukos awards

A Dutch appeal court has rejected Russia’s arguments that awards worth US$60 billion in favour of the former majority shareholders of Yukos were tainted by procedural fraud, finding that the allegations were time-barred and unlikely to have changed the outcome of the arbitration.

20 February 2024

Belarus beats railway claim with fraud defence

An ICSID additional facility tribunal has thrown out a claim worth up to US$234 million brought by a Russian railway company against Belarus, after it found the investor engaged in a fraudulent scheme.

02 February 2024

Singapore court dismisses forgery challenge to Indian power plant award

A Singapore court has thrown out a challenge by India’s Reliance Infrastructure to a US$146 million SIAC award won by a Chinese energy group based on allegations the underlying arbitration agreement was forged.

01 February 2024

Sony prepares claim over failed Indian media merger

An Indian entertainment conglomerate says that Japan’s Sony is planning to pursue arbitration following the collapse of a US$10 billion merger that would have created one of India’s largest media companies.

22 January 2024

Four convictions upheld in Geneva over fake arbitration

A Geneva appeal court has upheld guilty verdicts against British lawyer Matthew Parish and three other men over their involvement in a fake arbitration while reducing their sentences and acquitting one of his former associates.

22 January 2024

Dominican Republic challenges award in landfill dispute

The Dominican Republic has asked a US court to set aside a Jamaican billionaire’s US$44 million treaty award, alleging it was procured by fraud.

03 January 2024

Arbitrators won’t get second look at Nigeria award after fraud ruling

After ruling that an US$11 billion award against Nigeria was obtained by fraud, a judge in London has decided it should be set aside rather than remitted to the arbitrators for reconsideration.

08 December 2023

Another Crimea award surfaces in US court

A Ukrainian electricity company has wasted no time in applying to enforce an investment treaty award that found Russia liable for expropriating its assets in Crimea – putting the award in the public domain.

08 November 2023

“A miasma of dishonesty”: Hoffmann’s comments on Nigeria case

Following the set-aside of a US$11 billion award against Nigeria, Lord Hoffmann – who chaired the tribunal – has stood by comments he made earlier this year, reflecting on “the great miasma of dishonesty” that can exist in the background of a case of which arbitrators are “unaware”.

27 October 2023

Nigeria's counsel cleared of corruption in mega-case

Nigerian senior advocate Olasupo Shasore, who was accused by his country of accepting bribes to deliberately under-perform as lead counsel in its arbitration with P&ID, has been cleared of corruption by the Commercial Court in London.

27 October 2023

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