GESSEL is a full service law firm based in Warsaw, Poland with 28 years’ experience and with almost 80 lawyers on board.

GESSEL offers legal advice in almost all areas of the economy, including the financial sector, construction, real estate, foodstuffs, transport, retail, pharmaceuticals, the mass media, and IT. GESSEL practice is focused on M&A, private equity and venture capital, equity transactions, securities law, company and business law, competition law, intellectual property, employment law, pharmaceutical law, tax law, real estate, arbitration, litigation, and FDI. GESSEL’s client roster includes domestic and foreign companies, investment funds and capital grouper operating in key areas of the economy.

The firm’s expertise is regularly confirmed by highest marks in various national and international rankings of law firms and individual practitioners. Always foremost on our minds are the legal security and economic interests of our clients, whatever the current market environment. We bring to the table a combination of legal knowledge and understanding of the business realities of the sector concerned. GESSEL professionals are qualified to advise on Polish and German law; we also have a successful track record in coordinating the work of legal advisors from various jurisdictions for the purpose of international projects.

GESSEL is a member of the global alliances Lawyers Associated Worldwide (LAW) and IR Global.

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