will pre-load your flash drives to auto-run any digital materials you have including; videos, music, advertising campaigns,presentations as well as your own software or other types of files.The drives can be programmed to automatically run your files when the user inserts the USB flash drive into their computer.

It is important to know that some auto-run and pre-loading features may not work properly on Mac computers. Although these features may not work, flash drives will still be functional for storage when used in Mac computers. Please contact your representative if you have any questions or concerns.

Some file preloading options include:

  • Password Software inclusion
    We will load a password software program onto your flash drive to increase your security.
  • Partitioned information
    With this set up your encrypted files will be permanently on the flash drives, while the remaining space can be used for other files and documents as needed.
  • Auto-locked flash drives
    With this method your drives will be fully encrypted and no information can be removed or added.