Marchenko Partners

MARCHENKO PARTNERS helps international and domestic clients to manage and resolve their vital regulatory and commercial issues and disputes at the crossing of national and international laws and policy matters. We specialise in antitrust and competition, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, criminal defence, IP, life sciences, litigation and white-collar crime.  Practising law in a challenging region, we are committed to integrity in our dealings and the rule of law.  We have unique expertise and experience in resolving vital regulatory, fiscal, commercial and other disputes faced by multinational companies in Ukraine through the intricate interplay of international and national laws and dispute settlement instruments. We regularly invoke investor–state dispute settlement instruments, proceedings and negotiations between investors and the government under applicable bilateral investment treaties and international agreements, normally pursued in parallel to domestic remedies and proceedings, to prevent, settle or resolve high value disputes in cases, where domestic institutions and instruments, including national courts, have failed to remedy an injustice caused to investors by arbitrary, unfair or discriminatory measures or treatment.

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