Region: Russian Federation

Russian court restrains Czech arbitration against Gazprom

A Russian court has ordered a Czech state-owned gas transporter to halt a Prague arbitration against Gazprom’s exports arm or face a €113 million penalty.

07 March 2024

Uniper prepares treaty claim against Russia

German state-owned energy group Uniper has put Russia on notice of a potential investment treaty claim over a decree that placed its Russian assets under temporary state control.

29 February 2024

Finnish energy company launches billion-euro claim against Russia

Finland’s majority state-owned energy company has launched an investment treaty claim against Russia, seeking several billion euros in damages over the seizure of its operations in the country.

27 February 2024

Dutch court rejects Russia’s fraud challenge to Yukos awards

A Dutch appeal court has rejected Russia’s arguments that awards worth US$60 billion in favour of the former majority shareholders of Yukos were tainted by procedural fraud, finding that the allegations were time-barred and unlikely to have changed the outcome of the arbitration.

20 February 2024

Sanctioned Russian company wins Vietnamese power plant dispute

UPDATED. A sanctioned Russian engineering company has won more than US$500 million in a SIAC arbitration with Vietnam’s national oil and gas company, after defeating a much larger counterclaim.

12 February 2024

Belarus beats railway claim with fraud defence

An ICSID additional facility tribunal has thrown out a claim worth up to US$234 million brought by a Russian railway company against Belarus, after it found the investor engaged in a fraudulent scheme.

02 February 2024

Yukos shareholders seize Russian property in London

The former majority of shareholders of Yukos have seized a London property owned by Russia to satisfy the legal costs of their battle to enforce awards worth US$60 billion.

02 February 2024

ICJ holds Russia liable but declines to award damages to Ukraine

The International Court of Justice has ruled that Russia breached international conventions against the financing of terrorism and racial discrimination following its annexation of the Crimean Peninsula – but rejected Ukraine’s requests for further relief, including its claims for damages.

31 January 2024

UK appeal court grants final anti-suit relief against Gazprom venture

DECISION NOW PUBLISHED: The Court of Appeal of England and Wales has issued a final anti-suit injunction to enforce a Paris-seated ICC arbitration agreement – restraining a Gazprom subsidiary from pursuing a €448 million lawsuit against a German bank in the Russian courts.

30 January 2024

Russian vaccine supplier threatens claim against Bolivia

A Russian company has warned Bolivia of a potential arbitration over payments reportedly owed for supplies of Russia’s state-developed covid-19 vaccine.

23 January 2024

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